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Jan 2, 2016 DiscountMantra

Jan 2, 2016 Fashion & Health


Christmas and New Year celebrations are over. And with this, the season of sales is over too. If this is what you think, then think again! Snapdeal understands that after all these celebrations and travelling trips you have been through, now you will want to focus on your household and other essentials, and stock up on your daily needs products. To help you get all your required products at affordable rates, it is offering special Snapdeal discounts on almost all possible items at the Snapdeal Daily Needs Store.

Beauty and grooming products

You want to look just as beautiful and fresh as things will be in the New Year. Shop for face washes, scrubs, make-up kits, hair styling products and oral care products offered to you at discounts from 10 to 50%. Keep your skin glowing and look younger this winter with winter body lotions and anti-ageing products. Also shop for other skin care products, hair care products, men's grooming essentials and bath and shower merchandise available at great discounts.

Baby care products

You take care of your baby more than you care about yourself. Snapdeal is offering great discounts on baby care products to help the loving and caring parents shop for more. Shop for daily essentials like diapers, potty training equipment, blankets, mosquito nets, bedding and baby shower products at discounts upto 50%. Top brands like Johnson's Baby, Mee Mee, Philips Avent, Quick Dry, Palmer's and Himalaya are offering certain discounts on all their product range. Apart from baby care, Snapdeal also takes special care of new mothers by offering maternity products like personal care items, and products required during pregnancy and post pregnancy too.

Household essentials

What all things do you need to keep your house clean? Detergents, toilet cleaners, air fresheners, dishwash bars, dishwash liquids - Get all this at slashed down prices at the Snapdeal Daily Needs Store. Also, get washing powders, washing liquids and conditioners that will help wash your clothes and furnishings bright and clean. Get special discounts on products from brands like Vim, Airwick, Domex, Lizol and Mr. Muscle.

Health and wellness

A number of products to take care of your health and wellness are also available at this store. Buy from a range of sauna belts, heating bags, vapourizers, steamers, BP monitors, massagers, pain relief products and more. Keep a check on your weight with the help of a weighing scale and keep yourself safe by keeping a pepper spray handy. There are specially categorized products for those suffering from diabetes and for those looking for sexual wellness.


Nutrition plays a very important role in keeping yourself fit. In this fast track world, you may be missing out on a lot of nutrients every day, which might have you being lean and weak. Buy from a whole lot of nutritional products available to add to your diet like weight gainers, multivitamins, proteins, vitamins and minerals. For those who want to lose weight, you can shop for fat burners and pre and post workout supplements. Get special discounts on products from Dabur, Incredio, Horlicks and Amway.

Food and pet supplies

Do you think Snapdeal thinks only about you? No. Apart from providing your favourite noodles, soups, pastas, popcorns, dry fruits, spices, chocolates, candies and more, it also thinks about the little pet you own and provides a whole range of pet food, beds, accessories and other supplies at this store.

So, whatever you need for yourself, your home, your baby and your pet, get it all at Snapdeal's Daily Needs Store. Make you purchases with Snapdeal coupon codes available at DiscountMantra - India’s best online offers and coupons store, to get additional deals and discounts on your bills. You can also subscribe to the newsletters to get the latest offers and coupons from various online stores delivered to your inbox.

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