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Tips And Tricks For Looking Slimmer In A Saree

Dec 31, 2015 DiscountMantra

Dec 31, 2015 Fashion & Health


Saree has been one of the most traditional and sexiest attires of Indian women. A saree beautifully worn and well draped is one of the most elegant ways to win hearts. If you are one of the majority of Indian women who are not in a good shape, and are worried about looking fat in a saree, you need to worry no more. Now you can look slim and fab by hiding your unwanted fat with the right way of draping a saree. Also, you need to be able to choose the right kind of saree for yourself that makes you look just right. Here are a few guidelines to help you choose the perfect saree and draping it perfectly to make you look slimmer than what you are. Also, given are some of the best suggestions where you can buy your saree from.

The perfect drape

How you drape your saree is the most important factor in making you look the way you want to. If you don't have a perfect drape, you are going to look clumsy. First of all, you need to tuck your saree properly at your waist so that it doesn't make you look very fat. Next, keep the number of pleats to the minimum. The number of pleats will increase the bulge at your stomach and make you look fat. However, if the length of the saree is too long for you and you need to keep quite a lot many pleats, make sure to keep them at a distance from one another instead of putting them all in a single place. Drape the saree as tight as possible to make you look slimmer. Lastly, do not pleat up the saree at the shoulder. Instead, keep the pallu open on your arm to cover the shape of your body as much as possible.

The appropriate colour

Colours play a very important role for any and every attire to make you look beautiful. If you are heavy weight, you must prefer wearing dark colours because they pacify your weight to a great extent. Colours like black, navy blue, royal blue, dark purple, dark green, wine, maroon and red are the best options for people on the heavier side.


Wine crepe sari at Flipkart

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Dark blue georgette saree at Amazon

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Red and green faux georgette saree at Snapdeal

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The right fabric

Choose fabrics that cling to your body and bring out the natural body curves you have. Obviously with a fat body, you don't want to show your curves but, it is better than making yourself look plumper and add volume to your size by wearing materials like cotton, south cotton or south silk. Go in for georgettes, crepes, chiffons, nets, satins and other flowy fabrics instead.


Bhagalpuri georgette saree at Flipkart

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Chiffon saree at Amazon

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Embroidered net saree at Snapdeal

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The print size

You may love big floral prints because they look feminine and beautiful but, stop! If you are already fat, bigger prints will only make you look fatter. Go in for smaller prints and embroideries. Also, try buying sarees that have prints only on a part of the saree rather than all-over prints. For example, wear a saree that is a plain solid colour with only a printed bottom half or one that is printed or embroidered only along one length of the saree. If you want an all-over printed saree, go in for self prints or self-embroideries.


Randomly printed saree at Flipkart

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Border work saree at Amazon

Price: Rs. 799; Buy it here


Self printed saree at Snapdeal

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The border width

Even if large borders are in trend, you need to avoid them if you are fat. The beautifully worked border on a saree will fascinate you but, it won't fascinate others when you wear it. Go for thin delicate borders instead because broad borders will only add to making you appear voluminous.


Thin floral border saree at Flipkart

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Delicate border saree with heavier bottom half at Amazon

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Delicate border saree with heavy border at bottom at Snapdeal

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The sleeve length

Don't show your fat arms to the world by wearing sleeveless blouses or those with short sleeves. Full sleeves will also make you look fuller. So, opt for three-quarter sleeves, which will make your arms look slimmer. You can buy any of these sarees that come with already embroidered sleeves to enhance the look of the saree.


Animal print embroidered sleeve crepe saree at Flipkart

Price: Rs. 3290; Buy it here


Solid double coloured georgette saree with embroidered sleeve at Amazon

Price: Rs. 579; Buy it here


Solid red coloured georgette saree with all-over printed blouse

Price: Rs. 1975; Buy it here

Now, you know quite some tips and tricks for making yourself look slimmer and fab in a saree. Avoid looking bulky and get out the beauty within you in a perfect saree. Shop from any of the above suggested sarees and get great discounts. Shop with Flipkart coupons and Amazon coupon codes to get additional discounts. Apart from these coupons, DiscountMantra - India’s best online offers and coupons store, also lets you shop for exclusive Snapdeal offers to get additional benefits on your bills. You can also subscribe to the newsletters to get the latest offers and coupons from various online stores delivered to your inbox.

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