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Tips To Bake Sugar Cookies Like Professionals

Nov 18, 2015 DiscountMantra

Nov 18, 2015 Food


Christmas is coming next month; the time to celebrate the festive season by sharing gifts and sweets. And, what can be better than sugar cookies for the festive season? What if you can prepare the cookies at home itself? It is quite possible you might have tried your hands on it but, might have been dissatisfied with the results. Don't lose heart. There is still a month to go. You have enough time to learn and perfect the art of baking sugar cookies. Here are a few tips you can follow to bring out cookies that turn out to be like the ones baked by professionals. Take a look.

Preparing the dough


You need to have chilled dough before cutting out your cookies. So, it would be best to prepare the dough a day before you plan to bake. Cookie dough can be stored and preserved in a double-wrap for even a month in the freezer! So, the choice is yours. Either prepare a good quantity of dough and stock it in the freezer so you can easily bake cookies as and when you want without having to prepare new dough every time or you can prepare a new one a day before you need them. A little while before you want to prepare your cookies, get out the dough and let it rest for a while at room temperature until it loosens a bit. Then, roll it between two sheets of parchment paper.

One important note to be made is that you mustn't over-cream your butter while preparing the dough because that would cause the dough to be aerated, which will result in the cookies expanding in the oven while baking and then collapsing when they are cooled. So, be sure to just beat the butter enough to mix well with the other ingredients.

Shaping the cookies


Once you have your loosened dough, you can cut the cookies in whatever shape you like. After that, you need to refrigerate your cut-outs again for a while until they harden up a bit. This will prevent the cookies from expanding while you bake them.

Icing the cookies


The best royal icing is a mixture of egg whites and powdered sugar. This is what the bakers use to top their cookies. There need not be a perfect measurement for the two. While combining the two ingredients, if you find the mixture to be too thin, you just need to add more sugar and if the mixture turns out to be thicker than needed, you can add more of egg whites or substitute it with milk or water. Add a little lemon juice or cream of tartar to help the icing dry faster. You can experiment with gel paste colouring to add colour to your icing.

First, you need to pipe the borders of your cookies with a piping bag or squeeze bottle, and then fill the center. For this, prepare two different piping bags, one with a firmer icing and the other with an icing of looser consistency by adding water. Use the firm icing at the borders and the looser one in the center. You can alternatively use a spatula or knife to frost the center.

You can add some sprinkles to make the cookies look even more adorable. Sprinkle them while the icing is still wet to help them have a firm grip. Now, let the icing rest for around four hours to set well. You may find the icing hard to touch in just a few minutes but, it won't be firm from within until a few hours.

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