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Tips To Organize Your Closet

Nov 21, 2015 DiscountMantra

Nov 21, 2015 Fashion & Health


Are you an active fashion shopper? You might be having lots and lots of clothes, handbags and fashion accessories then. A large population of girls finds it difficult to manage all their fashion stuff in one single wardrobe. And there are many who just don't want to maintain it. So, they just dump their clothes in the closet.

But, when there is a season change, it gets difficult. Like, for winters that have just begun, you want to get done with your summer clothes and stock your winter wear in your closet with clothes that make you look warm and stylish even with the chilling breeze. At such times, it becomes a headache for one to clean up all the mess and organize the closet properly.

But don't fret. Here are some easy tips to follow, which will help you have an organized wardrobe that you will love to maintain forever. You can also check some suggestions on buying your clothes online here.

Get rid of out-dated clothes


Get out all the stuff you have in your wardrobe and place it on your bed or in a corner of your room. This includes clothes, hangers, boxes, fashion accessories and every other little thing you have. The first thing you need to do is sort out all the stuff that is outdated, worn out or that you know you won't be using ever again. (Donate all this stuff to the needy.) This step will help you know how much useful stuff you actually have, which will open the room for you to shop for newer items.


Storage options


Now, look at the number of shelves you have. Allot every shelf a purpose. Allot one for your tops, the other for your bottoms, the third for your fashion accessories, etc. Allot the hanging area for your dresses or tops. You can arrange for some extra storage options like boxes, baskets, etc. to stock smaller items.

Tops and tunics


It is for you to decide whether you want to fold and place your tops and tunics on the shelf or hang them in the hanging area. If you are one of those who are lazy to get your clothes ironed before wearing them or who cannot choose what to wear easily and try out loads of clothes at one single time before coming up to a decision, it is better that you hang your tops and tunics. Check out these daily wear tops and tunics and shop for them with Flipkart coupons to get additional discounts.

Blue kimono sleeve top. Price: Rs. 599; Buy it here

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Traditional/Indian wear


The Indian wardrobe comprises of some or the other Indian apparel, may it be kurtis, salwar sets or sarees. The best way to maintain these clothes is to hang them. So, you must have a hanging section allotted to this section of Indian wear. If you don't have much hanging space, try cutting down on hanging the tops and hang these clothes instead. Amazon offers these pretty designs in Indian wear.

Georgette embroidered kurti. Price: Rs. 1099; Buy it here

Georgette dress material in black and gold. Price: Rs. 1399; Buy it here

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Jeans and other bottoms


Organizing jeans is the easiest task. If you have jeans in general blues, blacks and browns, you can fold and arrange them on a shelf by colour. Organize them from dark to light shades. But, if you have a variety of colours in jeans and trousers like pink, red, yellow, etc. just fold and arrange them in a single pile. Same goes for the capris and shorts. If you have a range of skirts, in various patterns and lengths, it would be advisable to hang them. For the best bottoms online, you can check the below mentioned suggestions and shop for them with LimeRoad coupons.

Brown stretchable chinos. Price: Rs. 1299; Buy it here

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You have a collection of dresses in beautiful colours, designs and lengths. The best way to portray them is by hanging them by arranging them by colour. Arrange dresses in shades of a single colour from light to dark and then switch on to the next. Arrange them by strapless to long sleeves. There is no point arranging them by length. Check out these pretty cute dresses that Fashionara offers online.

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Your nightwear would be comprising of pyjama sets, shorts sets, gowns, 3 piece nighties. Separate different kinds of nightsuits. Fold them neatly and arrange them on a shelf.

Purple satin nightdress set. Price: Rs. 1099; Buy it here

Black satin capri set. Price: Rs. 329; Buy it here

Floral cotton pink shorts set. Price: Rs. 657; Buy it here

Fashion accessories


If you have a collection of handbags, you can arrange them lined up against one another on the topmost shelf of your cupboard or have a separate closet allotted to them. Arrange your hats, sunglasses and other fashion accessories in separate boxes. You can hang your scarves to showcase what all you have. Hang multiple scarves on a single hanger by arranging them according to colour or length, as you wish.

Mangotti brown leather handbag. Price: Rs. 5005; Buy it here

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Seems like you wouldn't have a problem arranging your wardrobe now. And once you are done with it, go online shopping with all the above mentioned coupons and offers. You can visit DiscountMantra - India’s best online offers and coupons store to avail all the best and latest discount coupons. You can also subscribe to the newsletters to get the latest offers and coupons from various online stores delivered to your inbox.

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