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Top 7 New Year Resolutions We Make And Break Each Year

Dec 31, 2014 DiscountMantra

Dec 31, 2014 Festivals & Occasions



New Year surely is the time when we hope for new and better things to make entry into our lives. It is also one of the best times for self-assessment and take resolutions which make us and our lives better. With the New Year just couple of hours away, we are sure that many have their list of New Year resolutions ready. Today instead of talking about the resolutions which one must take, we are going to talk about some of the most popular resolutions which most of us take each year and sadly break it too!

So here’s the list of top seven New Year resolutions which many of us make and break… See if you fit into this list. We also have some effective suggestions which will help you fulfil your resolutions this year.

Weight Loss

All of us have at one point or another taken this resolution. All that flab due to our binge eating and mundane lifestyle needs to be shed. And New Year gives us the best occasion to promise ourselves and resolve to shed all that fat away. Sadly this resolution does not even last for three months.

Our Tip: Set up realistic targets for weight loss. Start with simple exercises like walking, jogging or playing a sport you love. This way you will not feel burdened to lose weight and rather will enjoy the whole process. Do not forget to start your fitness regime with the right apparels, accessories and fitness equipment. With Amazon coupon codes, now it is easier to stay fit without burning a hole in your pocket.

Save Money

Well with expenses shooting up every month, saving money is one of the most popular New Year resolution, which is broken quite easily.

Our Tip: Plan out your budget beforehand. Refrain from impulsive shopping. And shop smart making the most coupons and offers available both online and offline.

Go travelling

Yes… many of us want to go to new places, experience new culture and ways of life. And so we have a bucket list of places to visit and things to do. But most of us end up the year saying – “Who’s got the time?”, or more often “travelling is an expensive thing”.

Our Tip: Find time for yourself and your family. Travelling is one of the best ways to spend quality time with your near and dear ones. Plan in advance and book your tickets on travel portals which always have some discount to offer. Along with this make most of coupons and deals on travelling. For e.g. Makemytrip coupons and coupons from help you save a lot.

Quit an addiction

This again is one of the commonest New Year resolution, which many of us make and undoubtedly most of us break! Be it quitting smoking, drinking or any other addiction – we end up the year without getting rid of it.

Our Tip: It is always good to start with small steps. Suppose you are addicted to smoking, it is better to reduce the number of cigarettes one at a time, instead of stopping to smoke altogether. Within few months you will notice that the total number of cigarettes you smoke has come down… and gradually you will quit smoking altogether.

Stay in touch with old friends

Well, life surely has become busy – but this need not be the reason to lose touch with your friends and relatives. Staying in touch with old friends is again one of the most broken New Year resolutions.

Our Tip: In the times of FB and Whatsapp staying in touch with your near and dear ones have become easier. Also with so many telecom companies offering discounts on national and international calls, this resolution is not hard to achieve. You can also get free recharge coupons at Paytm and MobiKwik, which will make it easier and cheaper to stay in touch with your old friends.

Buy your dream gadget

Many of us resolve to save enough to buy that one gadget we are yearning for. And like many other New Year resolutions, this one too is broken due to one reason or another.

Our Tip:  Now think beyond saving. Make most of the online sales and offers to buy your dream gadget. With lot of offers and coupons from Flipkart, Infibeam and Amazon buying your dream gadget can turn into a successfully accomplished New Year resolution.

Contribute for a cause

So many of us want to do our share of charity and help out those in need. So we make a resolution of contributing for some cause in the New Year. Needless to say either due to lack of time or knowledge we do not know where to start from and what to do. Thus this resolution too meets failure!

Our Tip: Find out NGOs who work for upliftment of the poor and the needy. Understand how you can be a part of it and contribute in your own way. Keep a fixed amount aside from your budget which will go as contribution for the cause you are fond of.

These are some of the ways in which you can fulfil your New Year resolutions. Hopefully our tips will help you achieve them.

Have a great New Year!

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