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Top Five Chrome Extensions You Must Have

Mar 16, 2015 DiscountMantra

Mar 16, 2015 News


Extensions are small software programs which can not only modify but also improve the functionality of your Chrome browser. It helps you browse the web faster, saves your time and thereby increases your productivity.

To explain how Chrome extensions help you, let’s take an example. Imagine that there are a couple of websites which you use every day… or rather in every two hours. So instead of every time typing the same URL, you can just download its extension on your Chrome browser, and click on it as and when you want. Extensions thus are additions which makes your task easier. You can install the extension of your favorite online shopping store, your regular mail inbox, news feeds, online coupon store - well anything and everything under the sun.

Here is a list of Chrome extensions which are very basic in nature and are used by regular web browsers on a daily basis. Having them on your Chrome browser will make web browsing a simpler task.

Checker Plus for Gmail

This extension makes it possible to receive notifications, read, listen or delete emails without even having to open your Gmail inbox.  One of the highest rated Chrome extensions, Checker Plus for Gmail makes it easier to manage multiple accounts that too without wasting your time.

With this extension you get to see the sender of mails, just like it happens in the Gmail chat notification.

Social Fixer for Facebook

With every third person having a Facebook account, this extension is surely a must have on your chrome browser. With this extension you can easily enhance your Facebook experience with the features like Tabbed news feed, advanced feed filters, quick links to My Pages, My Groups, My Events, custom themes etc. Take your Facebook experience to an altogether new platform with this extension.

Coupon Finder from

With online shopping being the ‘in thing’, most shoppers keep hunting for coupons and discount codes to save on their shopping expenditure. DiscountMantra Coupon Finder add-on helps you get the latest offers and deals from all major online stores in India, right within your web browser, and spares you the trouble of searching for discounts all over the internet.

DiscountMantra is India’s best store for online coupons and offers. With this extension you get the largest collection of coupons and offers at the click of a button. For more details, click here.

Dictionary by

This is the most popular instant online dictionary which will make the language quite easier for you to comprehend and understand. It offers you a huge data on words, their meanings, synonyms, antonyms, spellings, audio pronunciations as well as example sentences.

You can also sign up with them and get access to the ‘word of the day’ email which is sure to boost your English vocabulary.

Google Chrome to Phone Extension

Now sending links from Chrome to your Android phone has become easier with this extension. This add-on enables users to seamlessly send maps, links as well as selected phone numbers & texts to your Android device. You are also required to install Chrome to the phone Android application of your device.

So add fun and joy to your browsing experience with these marvelous chrome extensions on your Chrome browser.

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