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Ultimate Guide To Smartphone Cameras

Aug 31, 2016 DiscountMantra

flipkart-smartphonesIt’s all about smartphones today! Making calls, browsing the internet, sending emails, clicking pictures, taking selfies and socializing online – everything is combined into one small device – the smartphone. But, people are making the most use of smartphone cameras than anything else today. Wherever they go, whether it is to a party or wedding, or a casual get-together with friends, people are always seen to be using their cameras for getting the perfect pictures. Although DSLRs are for professional photographers but, smartphone cameras are nothing less for producing great images and videos. Apart from excellent photos, smartphones also provide full HD and 4K video recording today! What more can you ask for?

But, how much do you know about the cameras in smartphones? Some smartphone cameras have better lenses than the others; some have better technologies, while some have better sensors. So, how would you know which smartphone is the perfect one for your images and videos? Is it the megapixels you need to look for? Is it the UltraPixels? Or is it something else? Let’s find out with this ultimate guide about smartphone cameras and their features. Also, suggested in this blog are some excellent Flipkart smartphones you must purchase if you are a photography or selfie lover.

Pixels and sensors

Megapixels (MP) are made up of one million pixels. So, when you use a 13 MP camera to capture an image, you are delivering one with a much higher resolution than your phone. You will notice this when you zoom into the image and don’t see any pixelation. You will also notice the exclusive colour quality and sharpness that the camera can deliver.

However, compared to DSLRs, smartphone cameras are limited in terms of sensors and image-processing engines. The smaller the sensor, the less amount of light can enter the lens. The bigger the sensor, the better it is at capturing details and moving objects with clarity. And, the average sensor size for a smartphone camera is 1/2.3 inches. However, backside-illuminated or BSI sensors, CMOS sensors and Exmor sensors have emerged to improve the image quality of pictures taken with smartphones.

What needs to be checked before finalizing a smartphone camera?

  • Look for digital image stabilization and optical image stabilization that ensure a steady image even if your hand shakes while clicking.
  • You must also opt for phones that come with quick autofocus feature so that the amount of time taken to focus on an object is the least possible one.
  • The High Dynamic Range or HDR feature is best for bringing the best amount of luminosity to the images. HDR makes a dull image look vibrant and colourful!
  • Other elements you must look for include the megapixel count, sensor, LED flash and video recording quality.

Now that you have enough knowledge about buying a smartphone with a great camera, here are some of the best options available at the best Flipkart discounts! Take a look and choose from this extensive list.

iPhone 6S Plus

Apple-iPhone-6S-PlusWith a strong low-light performance and ability to capture every image in detail, the Apple iPhone 6S Plus is one of the best smartphones for camera lovers. It features a 12 MP sensor with support for 4K video recording, slow motion video and optical image stabilization.
Apple iPhone 6S Plus (Silver, 16 GB) | Price: Rs. 53,999

Microsoft Lumia 950 XL

Microsoft-Lumia-950-XLCreated by Nokia and owned by Microsoft, both these reputed names make the Microsoft Lumia 950 XL one of the most trusted phones of the lot. With a PureView technology, high megapixel count, dedicated image proessors and improved digital zoom, this phone enhanced with Carl Zeiss optics provides pure detail in every image.
Microsoft Lumia 950 XL (Black, 32 GB) | Price: Rs. 34,999

HTC One M9+

HTC-One-M9HTC is a well known brand that has been experimenting with smartphone camera technologies since the past few years. One of the finest innovations of them all is the UltraPixel, which has a sensor that captures pixels that are 2µm in size, which is roughly double of what other smartphone camera capture. This camera also promises a better low-light performance.
HTC One M9+ (Silver and Gold, 32 GB) | Price: Rs. 51,899

Sony Xperia Z5 Dual

Sony-Xperia-Z5-DualA unique evolution of the traditional CMOS sensor, the Exmor R image sensor is the first to implement BSI sensors on a commercial scale. The Sony Xperia Z5 Dual is one of the smartphones using this technology, along with quick autofocus speed and image stabilization. With the lossless zoom, it also ensures no loss of detail on close-ups.
Sony Xperia Z5 Dual (Graphite Black, 32 GB) | Price: Rs. 43,900

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