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Valentine’s Gifts For Girls

Feb 9, 2016 DiscountMantra


Boys! It’s Valentine’s Day this Sunday! Are you excited to impress your girlfriend even more this Valentine’s? Or are you undergoing mixed feelings of nervousness and excitement because you are planning to propose to the special girl you have been having a crush on since long? Whatever is your case, your girl is definitely expecting something special from you this V-Day, and you know that you have to nail it!

If this is the first time you are trying to impress a girl, it’s not going to be easy. You don’t know what you should gift her and what would make her say a “Yes!” You definitely want to gift her something most special that she will always remember. But, what is it? Don’t fret! We are here to help you. Here is a perfect date plan along with a few gift ideas that she will definitely love.

Little things

Do you think your proposal or date should be a grand one like they show in the movies? Not necessarily. Obviously if you can afford to make it grand, you must but, if you think you should go out of your way to arrange for something grand only to show your girl that you love her, you are mistaken. Remember that girls find joy in the tiniest of things. Plan up a date and welcome her with some pretty flowers or chocolates.


Bouquet of roses – A single flower or a big bouquet – it’s entirely your choice. Both of them will do the job!

Price: Rs. 1195 (for a 24 flower bouquet)Flowers-and-chocolates

Flowers and chocolates – Accompany your bouquet with the best chocolates to make it even more special!

Price: Rs. 1049 (for 12 flowers and 3 Cadbury chocolates)Chocolate-bouquet

Chocolate bouquet – How about a chocolate bouquet itself? Impressive, right?

Price: Rs. 1249 (for 12 flowers and 12 Ferrero Rocher chocolates)

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Movie and dinner

Take her to a movie to the best cinema in town. Treat her with some popcorn, snacks and a drink. After the perfect movie date, take her to the best restaurant in town for a delicious and memorable dinner. Ask her what kind of meal she prefers and would like to have. Make sure you don’t take her to a place or a cuisine she doesn’t like. After all, you are taking all the pains to see her smile!

Long drive

After the delicious dinner, go for a long drive. Put on some nice romantic music at a pleasurably low volume. This is the time when you can share your thoughts and know more about each other that will help build up the bond better. Don’t lose this opportunity. Get her favourite ice-cream along the way to sweeten the date even further.


This is the time! After you are done for the day and just before you drop her off at home, you need to put forward your proposal. You have been a nice gentleman to her throughout the evening and she knows why. But, until she hears it formally from you, she is not going to accept it. So, go ahead! And, do it with some charming trinkets that she won’t be able to resist. It isn’t necessary that you empty your wallet buying her gold, diamonds or pearls. You can get her some less expensive fashion jewellery too.


White gold diamond solitaire pendant from SuratDiamond

Price: Rs. 12,100


Gold ‘Lexie Ring’ studded with diamond and Ruby from BlueStone

Price: Rs.11,072


Gold plated heart-shaped pendant set studded with diamonds from Voylla

Price: Rs. 6,499

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All the best! Make it your best Valentine’s!


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