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Vitamins and Supplements To Be Consumed For A Healthy Body

Sep 14, 2015 DiscountMantra

Sep 14, 2015 Food

vitamin-supplements-for-healthy-bodyIn this world where everything is going artificial, where even food is adulterated, what do we live on? This is the reason we are falling sick so often. Well, nothing much can be done about it. But, there are ways you can boost your immunity against certain common diseases. In order to lead a healthy life, you need proper intake of vitamins and at times, supplements to help prevention against illness like diabetes, cancer and heart related issues.

Vitamin B

vitamin-supplements-vitimian-bVitamin B helps to promote healthy metabolism and reduces the risk of stroke. It also helps in maintaining healthy hair and skin. Vitamin B1, found in whole grain cereals, beans, nuts and meats, helps in prevention from beriberi, a disease affecting the heart, digestive system and nervous system. Vitamin B5, found in whole grain cereals, potatoes, dairy products, helps in producing hormones, that help in growth. B6 helps in reduction of heart disease risk. You get this vitamin in potatoes, fish, poultry and fruits, excluding citrus. B12 in dairy products, fish and meat helps in building blood cells and nerve cells.

Vitamin C

vitamin-supplements-vitimian-cVitamin C is required for the growth and repair of body tissues. It improves the absorption of iron in the body, which strengthens the immunity system, thus preventing diseases. Vitamin C is well known to reduce the effect of cold and asthma. It also treats many skin-related problems. This is the reason why it is used in a lot of face packs and moisturizers because it renders a natural glow, prevent sagging, improves skin elasticity and protects the skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun. It also heals wounds - from cuts to broken bones, it helps in faster recovery. Vitamin C also reduces stress, improves blood flow, lowers risk of stroke, reduces cholesterol and regulates sugar levels. It helps the patients of cancer, arthritis and tuberculosis too. This vitamin is found in citrus fruits like oranges, lemon and grapefruit, and vegetables including broccoli, baked potatoes and tomatoes. Many supplements in the form of capsules, tablets, drink mixes include vitamin C.

Vitamin D

vitamin-supplements-vitimian-dAlso called the 'sunshine vitamin' because it can be easily received through exposure to sun, this vitamin is very important for the body to absorb nutrients like calcium and phosphorus, which help strengthen bones and build a strong immune system. It also prevents rickets, which causes weak bones and muscles. Vitamin D balances the calcium in the body, which prevents against arthritis. It also regulates blood pressure, reduces stress, relives pain and also helps fight depression. It helps in skin maintenance by reducing wrinkles and making it smooth and soft. It also helps patients suffering from kidney disorders, cancer and diabetes. Foods including tuna, salmon, mushrooms, egg yolks, liver oil, shrimps, milk, cereals, yoghurt and orange juice are rich in vitamin D.

Vitamin E

vitamin-supplements-vitimian-eVitamin E is important to maintain the consistency of blood, which helps in prevention of heart diseases. It also benefits the hair and skin by promoting circulation and nourishing body cells. The oil obtained from vitamin E is also very beneficial. It helps in healing the skin, treating sunburn, scars, acne and wrinkles. It helps in a fresher and healthier skin by retaining its moisture content. Vitamin E also helps fight cancer, liver diseases and obesity. It is found in almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, broccoli, spinach and other green leafy vegetables.


vitamin-supplements-zincZinc helps in the proper functioning of white and red blood cells, digestive system and immune system. It reduces stress, increases energy metabolism and heals wounds and acne. It controls diabetes, night blindness and skin diseases. It also helps in pregnancy, weight loss, cold, eye care and sleep. Zinc is already present in the blood cells, retina, skin, kidney, liver, pancreas and bones but, since it is used up in metabolic processes and excreted through urine and other excretory channels, we need an external intake of zinc too. Zinc rich foods include oyster, beef, lamb, spinach, pumpkin, cashewnuts, beans, mushroom, chicken, cocoa and chocolate.


vitamin-supplements-magnesiumDeficiency of magnesium in the body can result in weak bones and hence, affect the growth of bones in the body. Magnesium helps strengthen the bones and also helps to fight depression, diabetes, hypertension, migrane headaches and asthma. It also cures heart diseases and joint problems. Magnesium rich foods include nuts, seeds, pumpkin, beans and green leafy vegetables.

There are many food supplements you should take every day to help your body remain fit and healthy because the food you eat everyday might not be enough. You must consult your physician to let you know which foods and supplements you must have. Be very careful while selecting your meals, whether you cook at home or dine outside. Remember to have a healthy diet. If you want to order your supplements and other daily nutritional requirements online, visit HealthGenie and HealthKart websites. And you can shop for these supplements and vitamins at huge discounts by using HealthGenie Coupons and Healthkart Coupons available at DiscountMantra - India’s best online offers and coupons store. You can also subscribe to the newsletters to get the latest offers and coupons from various online stores delivered to your inbox.

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