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Wardrobe Must-Haves That Will Never Go Out Of Style

Jan 19, 2016 DiscountMantra

Jan 19, 2016 Fashion & Health


Trends in the world of fashion are constantly changing. What is ‘in’ today might go out of fashion even before you can get your hands on it. We see something on television or in the movies, and it becomes a trend, until there is another thing coming up in the next movie. Some of you might be as quick and confident to try out the latest stuff while some may be too shy. Along with running around with the latest trends, there are some fashion things you must own, which just won’t go anywhere. Take a look below at some of such classics you must have in your wardrobe. Along with the list are some suggested products available at amazing Faballey deals.

Little black dress


There is nothing more classic than a black dress! Wear a glam dress to a party or a toned downed one for a formal meeting; whatever you wish for but, make sure you own a piece or two. You can choose between lengths, cuts and styles to suit your body type, personality and occasion. Check for interesting sleeves or maybe off-shoulder ones. You can accessorize your dress with a scarf, embellished belt or an exclusive piece of jewellery and beautiful heels.

High neck crochet dress - Price: Rs. 2200

Peplum bodycon dress – Price: Rs. 1650


Trench coat


Something to be worn in winters to keep you warm and also add to your style, a trench coat is something you must have in your wardrobe because it will never go out of style. It will make you look elegant and will look good with almost anything you pair it with. Wear it over a dress or over colourful leggings or denims with knee-high boots and you are going to look fab and stylish!

Olive trench coat – Price: Rs. 3200

Grey trench coat – Price: Rs. 3200



Pearls may not be a girl’s best friend but, it is one of the most beautiful things you can wear to accentuate your look. Wear a pearl necklace on the simplest outfit and you can look just perfect, may it be at work or for a formal affair. Pearls are available in simple classic styles as well as bold funkier ones too.

Pearl-stone statement necklace – Price: Rs. 1250

Pearl-silver necklace – Price: Rs. 500




Wearing a subtle toned-down outfit? There is no harm in adding a little pop of colour with a beautiful colourful scarf. May it be printed or plain in any material, scarves enhance your look to a great extent. Choose between lengths to be draped around your neck in different ways. Make the dullest outfit look lively by complementing it with the right scarf.

Blue self striped scarf – Price: Rs. 450

Red tartan scarf – Price: Rs. 450


Stylish satchel


Buy a stylish satchel and team it up with your outfit for a perfect look at work as well as on a casual day out. Whether you carry a satchel that matches your outfit or one that completely contrasts it, just carry it with style. If you don’t want to experiment with colours, you can go in for neutrals like black, brown, grey, white or blue. Opt for one that has many pockets if you want to carry it to work regularly to help you carry your essentials. Choose one with a top-carry handle as well as shoulder strap for maximum adaptability.

Pink mini satchel bag – Price: Rs. 1500

White satchel bag – Price: Rs. 950


Printed pants


Wearing the same denims, trousers and chinos to work every day? You need a change! When you are out on a casual day with friends, forget those regular basics and opt for statement trousers in beautiful prints and interesting fabrics. Team them up with a plain and stylish shirt or top and statement sandals, and you are definitely going to make a fashion statement.

Floral scuba trousers – Price: Rs. 2200

Hounds tooth cotton lycra trousers – Price: Rs. 1500


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