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Washing Machines Up To 25% Off At Amazon

Nov 11, 2016 DiscountMantra

Nov 11, 2016 Mobiles & Electronics

Washing Machines At Amazon

We all know how highly we Indian women are dependent on our maids. If our maid comes every day to do the brooming, sweeping, utensils and laundry, we are highly relaxed, but one day she is off from work, and we start to complain. One of the most tiresome tasks among all is doing the laundry. Rubbing, scrubbing, brushing, squeezing, twisting and finally drying – it takes a lot of time and effort. To avoid these hassles, it is advisable to purchase a washing machine for doing your laundry so that you can have quick, convenient and hassle-free washing.

With a wide variety of options and brands available in the market, it gets very confusing to make a decision on which one to buy. To make your decision making process easier, Amazon is bringing to you an extensive list of washing machines from renowned brands under a single roof. You can now shortlist, compare and purchase from the best washing machines available at exclusive Amazon offers with discounts up to 25%! Brands including Samsung, Whirlpool, Haier, Bosch, LG, Godrej, Electrolux, Panasonic and IFB are offering all kinds of fully automatic, semi-automatic, top-loading, and front-loading washing machines with a range of features like electronic controls, foam control, child lock, number of wash cycles, speed options, anti-crease and much more.

Top load fully automatic washing machines starting at Rs. 9,990

Fully automatic machines are those that can perform all functions without your assistance. All you do is load the laundry, and set the wash cycle and other settings as per your requirements. The machine will wash the clothes thoroughly and ring the alarm to call for your attention. Voila! You have your clothes clean, fresh and dry! Added to this, top load fully automatic machines help you easily load your clothes at the top without having you to bend on your knees to load/unload the washer. So, make laundry an effortless task by selecting a top-load fully automatic washing machine starting from a range of Rs. 9,990.

Front load fully automatic washing machines starting at Rs. 15,990

Another option you get with the fully automatic washing machines is the front load, where you can load/unload your clothes at the front of the machine. This feature will have you bend on your knees or sit down, but it has many benefits as compared to top load. Front load machines clean clothes better, damage clothes lesser, run fewer cycles, have higher capacity for larger lot of clothes, are less noisy, and most of all use only one-third the amount of water, detergent and energy as compared to top load machines. So, if this is what you want, you can select from an exhaustive list of front load fully automatic washing machines available at a range starting from Rs. 15,990.

Semi-automatic washing machines starting at Rs. 3,499

Semi-automatic washing machines are those that feature a twin-tub design where you will have to put in extra efforts of shifting clothes from the wash tub to the drying tub after they are cleaned. However, its advantages include consumption of lesser water, no requirement of continuous water supply, lesser time consumption for washing cycle and budget-friendliness. Select from a collection of best quality semi-automatic washing machines available at a starting price of Rs. 3,499.

Dryers starting at Rs. 19,990

If you are looking for a dryer specially to remove moisture from a load of clothing after they are washed, a dryer is what you need. The Amazon dryers starting at Rs. 19,990 from IFB, Bosch and Siemens are selected from a large collection so that you get the best to choose from.

There are special Amazon washing machine categories that will help you make a beneficial buy. You can choose from the most popular and top rated washing machines that have received 4 stars and more, Noble Skiodo washing machines starting at Rs. 4000; and for those who are tight on your budget, you have a collection of washing machines under Rs. 12,000.

So now, shop for your favorite washing machine and get additional discounts on your bill by shopping with the Amazon coupons available at Discount Mantra - India’s best online offers and coupons store. You can also subscribe to the newsletters to get the latest offers and coupons from various online stores delivered to your inbox. If you choose a Samsung washing machine, you can also get the option of a Samsung Delight Delivery, where you can get the delivery from the nearest authorized Samsung Plaza within 24 hours with hassle-free installation, covered warranty, free product insurance and no additional shipping cost! This is a limited period offer and is available only in select cities. Check if you are lucky to have your city on the list and go through the additional details about Samsung Delight Delivery.


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