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Water Purifier Buying Guide

Oct 1, 2016 DiscountMantra

Oct 1, 2016 Buying Guide


With so many different and unusual kinds of diseases being seen to be spread around the world every year, we must take every care that is within our control. The main diseases come from air, water, street food, insects and direct contact with infected persons. Although keeping the air and water bodies in our city clean is not a one man’s job, but we can put in efforts to keep everything in our home hygienic.

One major concern in every home is the water we drink. We drink water multiple times a day to keep our bodies hydrated, but is the hydrating water germ-free? You need to make sure that the water you are filling in your glass is hygienic and free of bacteria, chemicals and other harmful substances. But how? Water purifiers are the clean, safe and cost-effective solutions to your drinking water worries! Water purifiers promise safe drinking water at a very nominal price throughout the year with only a little bit of maintenance every few months. So, if you still haven’t got one installed in your home, make sure you buy the best one from the wide range of Flipkart water purifiers available. But, how will you know which would be the most appropriate one for you? This guide will help you find out.

First of all, let us understand the different types of water purifiers available along with their features.

Gravity based water purifiers


These type of water purifiers use the simplest pressure filtration technology to purify water, which moves down from the highest chamber to the lowest one, and the inbuilt filters remove dust particles and dissolved salts present in the water. These water purifiers are very economical as they do not require electricity to work. And, in spite of having high water storage capacity, they are easy to be carried along anywhere. However, these purifiers cannot filter heavy metals and compounds, and cannot protect you from germs and micro-organisms. However, if this is what you want, you can choose from a selection of gravity-based water purifiers.

UV filter water purifiers


These type of water purifiers, as their name says, use UV radiation to deactivate water-borne disease-causing organisms while using only the same amount of energy as a 60 Watt light bulb, thus keeping your electricity consumption low. However, they do not help you store water, and they are also not able to remove heavy metals and chemicals, but they are worth using on a regular basis in places where there is not much issue of water quality. Get your UV water purifier.

Ultra-filtration water purifiers


As the name suggests, these water purifiers use an ultra-filtration membrane to purify water and keep it rid of bacteria, virus and germs. However, the pores of this membrane are large which help the purifier to effectively cleanse water from public supply that doesn’t contain dissolved salts. This type of purifier does not require electricity and is the best for purifying cloudy and muddy water too. Moreover, these purifiers can be cleaned manually by removing all blocked dirt and germs. Get the most effective UF water purifiers.

RO water purifiers


These water purifiers contain a semi-permeable membrane through which water is forced through to get rid of water contaminants like arsenic, sodium, copper, lead, nitrates, fluoride and many other chemicals. Thus, these are the best types to be used in areas where level of chemicals in water is high. However, these water purifiers are not as effective as UV filter purifiers against bacteria and virus. You can select from a wide range of RO purifiers.

Before deciding on one, you need to keep in mind the kind of water quality you receive in your home. If the water supplied in your area is from rivers and lakes, it will not have high levels of dissolved solids. Therefore, you will need protection against microbiological impurities like bacteria and virus only. This is where UV water purifiers can help. On the other hand, if the water in your area is saline or hard, you need an RO purifier which can remove the tiniest of impurities. However, the final choice is yours. But whichever water purifier you choose, make sure to shop for them with the Flipkart offers available at Discount Mantra - India’s best online offers and coupons store, so that you can make an economical buy. You can also subscribe to the newsletters to get the latest offers and coupons from various online stores delivered to your inbox.

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